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Do you have ingrown hairs along your bikini line and irritated, inflamed skin? The vajacial can help. This spa treatment that smooths and softens the skin around your vulva is offered by the experienced aesthetics team at Opulence Health and Wellness in Pearland, Texas. Call today to set up an appointment or use the online tool to book.

Vajacials Q & A

What is the vajacial?

The vajacial is just like a facial, but for the skin on your vulva in your vaginal region. It focuses on your bikini line and labia and doesn’t affect your inner vaginal region.

During this 50-minute treatment, your technician cleanses the whole vaginal area using a mild, soothing product and then gently exfoliates the area. Any ingrown hairs and acne impactions are removed using lancets. Any stubborn acne breakouts may be treated with a high-frequency light, which kills the bacteria.

Your technician uses a lactic acid peel to remove any lingering old skin cells, followed by a soothing, moisturizing mask. The procedure concludes with the application of a skin-brightening serum.

Why should I consider a vajacial?

Every part of your body deserves loving care, including your most private parts. Much like a facial for your face, a vajacial pampers the skin of your vulva. You should definitely consider a vajacial following a bikini wax (or Brazilian), or if you have sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of a vajacial?

Just like a facial helps improve the look and health of the skin on your face, a vajacial enhances the look and feel of your most personal parts.

The treatment helps get rid of bacteria in the area of your vulva, making you less vulnerable to outbreaks, bumps, or other skin irritation. Some women also notice improvements in the look of any scarring or stretch marks following a vajacial.

Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • Treatment of ingrown hairs
  • Smoothing bumps around the bikini line
  • Acne prevention
  • Evening out of hyperpigmentation

By getting rid of dull, old skin cells and adding a brightening serum, the procedure helps you maintain healthy-looking, hydrated skin.

When is the best time to get a vajacial?

The ideal time to get a vajacial is around your hair-removal routine. Schedule within a week or so of waxing or shaving of your pubic hair. The team at Opulence Health and Wellness can schedule your vajacial for the same day as your Brazilian wax.

Schedule your vajacial at Opulence Health and Wellness today. Call to speak to a friendly staff member or use the convenient online tool.